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Arc Machines 415

£18,000.00 (Price inc. VAT @ 20%)

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Arc Machines 415 – Used – £15,000 + VAT

Arc Machines 415 – Available to hire or buy from Orbital Welding Supplies in Daventry – fully calibrated to EN60974.  We can supply new ESAB AMI 415’s or this excellent condition unit from November 2010.  It has been updated with the larger touch screen and current interface cards. Very nice condition


  • Remote Pendant & Remote pendant extension cable
  • 40ft Pipe weld head control cable
  • 40ft Pipe Service cable (water/power)
  • 1 year calibration report
  • Keyboard/mouse
  • Operator training guideline manual
  • Wiring diagram


Note: Arc Machines are now part of the ESAB Group ensuring continuation of support, production and longevity of the brand.

Compatible with all Arc Machines, Inc weld heads – Fusion, wire feed, internal. 400 amp continuous duty cycle – enough for the most demanding of applications. Please call to discuss your requirements – we can offer training and help you with weld schedule development.

The Arc Machines 415 Orbital Power Supply has long been the work horse of the pipe welding industry and it’s not hard to see why:

The Arc Machines 415 WDR is an all-in-one computer controlled GTAW Power Supply. It is primarily designed to work with AMI’s orbital and fixed automation weld heads.

The Model 415 WDR Power Supply can control third party positioners and welding manipulators. The Model 415 WDR incorporates a powerful automation controller designed to meet the challenges of the most demanding welding applications. At the heart of the power supply is an industrial computer programmed via a large 12” touch screen or keyboard. The intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) makes programming easy using standard welding industry terminology and clearly organized input fields.

  • Computer-controlled, Windows™ operating system
  • 4 standard and 4 optional closed-loop motor servos
  • 8 motor controls for positioning (jog)
  • High-precision gas and water flow sensor
  • Built-in water cooling and system diagnostics
  • High-capacity memory for program storage
  • Operator’s pendant with heads-up display
  • Automatic configuration for AMI held heads
  • 2 USB ports
  • Remote control PC interface via Ethernet LAN
  • WDR (Weld Data Recording): recording and saving of weld data; exporting to a storage device in native or other file formats: saving project weld data records as a single file.

  • Remote welding video systems
  • Up to 8 open-loop motor servos
  • Measurement outputs
  • Offline programming
Arc Machines 415 Orbital Power Supply – Compatible with most AMI pipe weld heads.

Arc Machines Website with data Arc Machines

Typical Weld head for Tig welding of heavy duty welding of thick walled pipe here


Input Power Weld Current I/O Devices Memory Capacity
200 – 575 VAC 5 – 400A 2 USB ports 1000+ weld programs
Service, 3-phase 100% Duty Cycle RS232 serial interface
50/60 Hz