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Arc Machines model 501 pipe welding hot wire power source

Arc Machines model 501 pipe welding hot wire power source


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The Model 501 was designed to supply resistance heated filler wire near melting temperatures to weld pool, thereby increasing the energy available to melt the base metal.

High deposition rate = High productivity

The Model 501 is suitable for welding high-quality stainless steel tanks and vessels that are rotated during welding. The addition of hot wire can optimize the corrosion resistance and/or mechanical properties of the weldment and have a beneficial effect on the material performance in service. The hot wire GTAW process produces a very clean weld with a very low incidence of porosity and increases filler deposition rates similar to GMAW.


  • Constant Voltage (CV) True RMS mode-of-operation
  • Calibrated Precision Closed Loop Servo Output Control
  • Voltage Feedback Sensing at the wire feed tip or internal to the Power Supply
  • True RMS instrumentation Outputs (Amps and Volts)
  • Optional Manual Remote Programming Pendant
  • Control input for connection to an external controller

The Model 501 implements advanced technology with significant competitive advantages. To minimize magnetic interference , the unit uses AC current to preheat the wire. This current is far more precise than competitive machines, being very close to a true sine wave.

The Model 501 Hot-Wire Power Supply can be used:

  • as a stand-alone unit with its own Operator Pendant
  • with the AMI Model 415 Power Supply/Controller
  • or by and external weld process controller programmer