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Arc Machines Model 52 Heavy Duty Weld Head


The Model 52 is intended for all-position, automated welding of pipe, plate or fittings using the Cold or Hot Wire Feed GTAW (TIG) process. It is a rugged, precision tool with minimal radial clearance for welding of all pipe sizes from 8″ pipe up to an unlimited size, including flat plate.

The Model 52 is intended for field or heavy duty shop use in the nuclear, shipbuilding, chemical, petrochemical and construction industries where weld quality requirements are stringent and the use of the GTAW process is beneficial. The Model 52 is a “full function” welding head, meaning that it provides all functions necessary for true automated welding including Arc Rotation, Arc Voltage Control (AVC) for arc gap control, Wire Feed (weld filler) and Torch Oscillation (weave). The Model 52 also features range expandability of most of these functions as well as providing other standard features that are options on most other weld heads. The Model 52 weld head provides a durable, extremely versatile, heavy-duty platform for using a variety of torch options. These torch options range from a “standard” head using a single-entry torch and a single wire feeder to more complex torches for Narrow Groove Welding, Remote Welding with Vision and Hot Wire Welding. It can be ordered or retrofitted with numerous application-specific accessories customizing the head for a user’s needs.

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  • On-board wire feed mechanics, single or dual wire feed system, up to 30 lbs. spools
  • Digital encoder feedback on all functions
  • Water-cooled main housing
  • Zero-backlash dual-motor gear drive for consistent travel speeds in all positions
  • Extremely quick mount/dismount
  • Cross-seam steering
  • Synchronized torch oscillation, AVC, rotation and wire feed (AVC/OSC 4″ standard)

Compatible with the AMI Model 415 Power Supply.
Compatible with many AMI torch assemblies, including video-equipped torches.


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Model 52 “P” Torch

The “P” torch is only one of numerous torches designed for use with AMI’s Vision Systems. It incorporates direct-view optics and color video cameras to show both the leading and trailing edges of the weld puddle. These optic assemblies are combined with remote-controlled dual wire manipulators to allow welding in both directions and to remotely observe the weld puddle. AMI’s arc light filtration, along with miniature video cameras allows for a  very small and compact package with a minimum amount of cabling. It is recommended for any application requiring remote vision, such as high-radiation areas or where direct observation of the weld process by operators is limited. Some torches require the use of a second wire feeder on the weld head and video-related accessories.

  • 300 A torch
  • Wire size range: 0.020″ – 0.045″ ( 0,5 mm – 1,2 mm) (0.030″ – 0.035″ recommended, (0,75 mm – 0,9 mm)
  • Video system for remote operation and observation of the weld zone from leading and trailing directions
  • Excellent display of filler wire position and entry point
  • Addition of filler wire while welding in either direction
  • Remote-controlled motorized wire feed nozzle manipulators
  • Water-cooling

  • Type HW 20, 17 or 27 gas lenses and gas cups are available
  • Heavy-wall thickness option available

Quick Specifications


Torch AVC Stroke 4″ standard (position encoder)
(101,6 mm)
Travel Speed 0.2 to 20 IPM
(position encoder)
Wire Feed Speed 5 to 200 IPM
Torch Water-cooled 300 A DC, 100% Duty Cycle (typical)
Torch Adjustments Torch specific
Tungsten Size 3/32″, 1/8″ or 5/32″ (torch specific)
(2,4 mm, 3,2 mm or 4 mm)
Torch Cross-seam Steering Range 4″ standard (position encoder)
(101,6 mm)
Maximum Wall Thickness Depends on torch type, options and accessories
Torch Oscillation Amplitude, max.:  4″ standard (up to 16″ optional)
(101,6 mm – 406,4 mm)
Wire Manipulator: Vertical, horizontal and angular (manual adj.)
Filler Wire 0.020″ – 0.045″
(0,508 mm – 1,143 mm)
Wire Spool Size 10 lbs., 8″ spool (standard)
(4,5 kg, 203 mm spool)
Radial Clearance Range Depends on pipe diameter, torch type and configuration
6.56″ minimum (166,6 mm)
Axial Clearance Range Depends on torch type and options; 15.75″ minimum (400 mm)