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Axxair DC65-MS1 Facing Tool

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Axxair DC65-MS1 Facing Tool


Axxair DC65-MS1 Facing Tool

Tube facing is used on thin tubes with a thickness of less than 3 mm. It consists in bringing into conformity the end of a tube or an accessory.

This conformity acts on three aspects: the perpendicularity of the face of the tube – the surface state of the face – potentially a length adjustment.

After the facing process, the face will be perpendicular to the axis of the tube, without burrs, with a low RA and the desired length.

Facing machines are used when the cutting process is not sufficiently precise for the application or when the cutting process generates burrs.

To give an example: abrasive cutting disc, band saw or cutter.

Tube with small diameters <25.4 mm are particularly concerned by the facing process. They are often cut with tube cutters or abrasive cutting machines. Generally speaking, tube must be faced before welding in order to obtain quality welds.

One category of tube is particularly concerned: electro-polished tube used in semiconductor or pharmaceutical industries.

It is forbidden to scratch the polished surface inside the tubes: the cuts are therefore only done with a cutting wheel. This process does not generate chips but only dust. The result of this cut is not exploitable without a facing operation which unrolls the chip towards the outside of the tube.

Flexibility, Productivity

Our facing machines operate on battery or corded for more flexibility TIALN blades, reversible with two cutting edges guarantee optimal lifetime of consumables.


Facing creates a clean and bur-free surface without tube deformation: sharpness and accuracy guaranteed.  Thin tubes are therefore ready for welding.


Our facing machines are lightweight and designed to be used on site as well as in the workshop.



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