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Dronco AS 46 T Inox Superior Cut & Grind discs – tin of 5 115 x 2.5

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Dronco AS 46 T Inox Superior Cut & Grind discs – tin of 5 115 x 2.5

Pack of 5 combined cutting and grinding discs in the attractive and popular metal box

Suitable for normal and stainless steel, both for solid material as well as for profiles. Cutting and grinding in one step.

Cut+Grind: The first cutting disc you are also allowed to use for grinding.

The Cut+Grind cuts at a comfortable speed with a thickness of 2.5 mm or 3.5 mm, you can immediately deburr and grind without changing the disc. That saves setup time and therefore money! Good removal rate for light grinding tasks. Of course, the disc complies with the prescribed lateral load for grinding discs of

The first thin cutting disc you can also use for side grinding:

  • cutting and light grinding work in one step
  • good cutting speed
  • good removal rate
  • no time-consuming disc changes required
  • no need to purchase different discs
  • for steel or stainless steel


  • high alloy special steel
  • angular steel profiles
  • angular stainless steel profiles


  • unalloyed and alloyed construction steel
  • very solid construction steel
  • tool steel


  • cast
  • aluminium alloy
  • copper
  • brass bronze