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Esab G40 60×110 Welding Helmet

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Esab G40 60×110 Welding Helmet


Esab G40 60×110 Welding Helmet is designed for use on a wide range of welding, cutting and grinding applications.

G40 is a combined welding and grinding helmet of which the G40 houses a passive mineral glass and the G50 houses an ADF Automatic Darkening Filter, shade levels DIN 9-13, and with flip-up visor. The large plastic lens gives the welder an unobstructed field of view when the visor is flipped up. The helmets are rated B in the impact resistance classification, which means they are approved for grinding.

  • Flip front visor
  • Lightweight 700G
  • Large internal grinding visor
  • Ergonomic head gear
  • Respiratory option with ESAB PAPR

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