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GYS Easymig 140A Multiprocess IGBT Inverter

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GYS EasyMIG 140A Multiprocess IGBT Inverter


GYS EasyMIG 140A Multiprocess IGBT Inverter has advanced inverter technology which means that these lightweight and versatile welding units provide excellent welding quality and low power consumption.

3 in 1
Welding with gas, without gas («no gas») and with coated electrode

Wire Reel – 100mm

Single Phase – 230V

Inverter machine
Electronics (reduced power consumption)

Easy to set up
Quick access to welding and precise settings

Can be used on multiple metals
Steel, stainless steel or aluminium

TIG process
with scratch ignition

Compact machine

Thanks to the easy to read table, the welder can quickly adjust the voltage and wire speed as needed.
Potentiometers ensure precise parameter settings guaranteeing the best welding conditions for the user.


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