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GYS GYSMI E163 PULSE MMA and Lift Tig welder

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GYS GYSMI E163 PULSE MMA and Lift Tig welder

New from GYS the Made in France GYS GYSMI E163 PULSE MMA and Lift Tig welder complete with case and accessories..

Must be one of the lowest price 10-160Amp European manufactured PULSE MMA stick welders.

Its integrated electronics allows constant welding power for a even fusion induced by its direct current. Suitable for all types of electrodes such as steel, stainless steel or cast iron, it is ideal for intensive use by the public or the trade.
t is can also be used for precision work in TIG Lift and MMA Pulse.
230v, 16A single phase
Delivered in a case with: • earth clamp (1.6m / ø16mm²) • electrode holder (2m / ø16mm²)


• Remarkable arc performance,basic electrodes will not longer be a problem.
• Very good penetration and perfect arc stability

• Delivered in a case with earth clamp and electrode holder.
• With an IP21 protection rate, it is suitable for outdoor work on site.


TIG Lift : • For the meticulous work on thin metal sheets
• Easy start • Finish quality • Downslope auto

MMA Pulse : Developed for pipe welding as well as vertical welding.

Oversupply of power at the start
Reduction of the current to remove the electrode

ARC FORCE : Occasional current rise


Manufacturer data sheet: here

Manufacturer manual: here

Welding electrodes: here