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GYS GYSPOT 2700 Steel dent puller

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GYS GYSPOT 2700 Steel dent puller

The GYSPOT 2700, with its 2600A maximum output is the ideal product for dent pulling and
straightening of low thickness car body elements (bonnet, door, roof panel etc.) The product is
multifunctional, and effective for many applications. With its low power consumption, it can work on a simple 230V power supply.


4 modes available :
• Welding of stars and washers for panel pulling.
• Wavy wire welding, ideal for a curved profile (e.g.
• Contact shrinking, to work on light impacts and for the highest quality finish.
• Able to use a graphite pencil.


Easy to use

• Switch to go to graphite pencil mode.
• Intuitive, the control knob enables selection of both
the output power and the requested mode.
• Manual, the weld is controlled by simply a light press
of the gun trigger.


Delivered as standard with 

• 1 spot inertia hammer (1,1kg)
and 1 star holder tip.
• 3 stars
• 1 contact shrinking tip
• 1 earth pad

Options include trolley, spares box


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