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GYS Separate wire feeder NOMADFEED 425-4 CC/CV

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GYS Separate wire feeder NOMADFEED 425-4 CC/CV


Brand new – new to market and now in stock in Daventry. Price includes next day delivery via Fedex.
The NOMADFEED 425-4 is a 4 roller wire feed case that takes its power directly from the welding circuit.  Ideal for MIG/ MAG, the feed case is recommended for site work and is compatible with most welding generators in the market.
This item allows you to use a CC or CV welding power source as a MIG welder – for example, a DC stick welder or DC welder generator. Cables up to 20 meters to allows you to work distant from the generator/power source. Cable/torch not included – call for price.
Only 14.6Kg without wire spool. Easily portable to remote or difficult access sites. Takes standard 15Kg wire spools.
Works with GAS or NO GAS wire
Electronically controlled wire speed adjustable using the potentiometer at the front of the machine.
Choice of 2 torch trigger modes : 2T or 4T.
Wire speed regulation modes : CC (current source) or CV (voltage source).
Soft start function : easier first contact with the metal.
 Precise wire pressure adjustment.
 Choice of information displayed on screen.
Heavy Duty
Heavy duty cycle for enhanced productivity (425A @ 60%).
 Compatible with air cooled torches and water cooled torches connected to an external cooling unit.
 Powerful electronically regulated wire feed motor (100W).
The 4 drive rolls ensure a smooth feed on all types of wire.
Display of current/voltage/wire speed (for DMOS).
Display screen is readable even in very bright situation.
Straightforward interface with buttons designed to be operated while wearing gloves.
EURO torch connection.
asy wire feed.
Quick torch air purge
Designed for site work
 Electronics protected from water and dust.
IP 23 protection rated for outside use.
Filtered gas connection to prevent impurities from entering the circuit.
 Complete range of connection cables (optional).
 Fitted with a handle for better portability
Connection cables: 15 m 95 mm2 038349 20 m 95 mm2 038431 5 m 95 mm2 032439 10 m 95 mm2 032446
Manufacturer page: here
Compatible DC power source here