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Gys Smartmig 110 Mig Welder

£266.40 (Price inc. VAT @ 20%)

Gys Smartmig 110 Mig Welder


‘NO GAS’ single –phase welding machine – 110A. Portable and ideal for maintenance. Easy to use and intuitive with the “SMART” solution.
Perfectly suited to repair, maintain and work steel.
Portable, weighs only 14 kg.
Low current consumption, pluggable on a single domestic 230V – 13A socket.
Adaptable to Ø 100 mm wire reels.
1 process: NO GAZ for outdoor welding. Ø Wire 0,9 mm (kit no gas : 041240)

With the Smartmig, no complicated adjustment.
Thanks to the SMART board, it is easy to adjust the voltage (2 positions) and the wire feeding speed. Ideal setting indicated, just select the thickness of the metal sheet

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