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Arc Machines Wolfram Orbistar Tungsten for M9-250 weld head 1/4″ tube – pack of 10

£39.96 (Price inc. VAT @ 20%)


Genuine Arc Machines Wolfram European (German) manufactured Tungtens for AMI M9-250 weld heads welding 1/4″ tube. Part numbner TC04-0246-02A – price is for one pack of ten

Pre-cut and precision ground to work immediately in your weld head.

Benefits of Genuine Wolfram Arc Machines Tungstens:


AMI now partner with Wolfram Industrie in Germany who produce AMI’s electrodes now. They are called Orbistar and greatly reduce stray arcs (which damage the work clamps and body on the 9-500 and 9-250), have better arc stability, longer multi strike life, improved arc characteristics to name a few benefits. The below is from Wolfram/AMI. If you would be interested in a quote please advise (they’re close to AMI’s old electrodes in price). Picture attached of the 9-250 ¼” items.


Orbistar electrodes

  • High purity tungsten from Europe
  • Unique manufacturing process, high precision axial ground
  • 100% ED Current tested (free of cracks)
  • Full process traceability
  • Certified manufacturing process (ISO 9001)
  • Free material certificates on demand (2.2)
  • Any documentation possible (3T, 3.1, etc.)
  • Application support if needed
  • AMI Label on frontside
  • Specification on backside
  • Trace-ability with lot-number
  • Cleaned and packed (10/box –  bag as required)
  • 100% quality checked (optical measurement)

Wolfram Industrie GmbH


(Since 107 years in business, owner managed)

  • Gesellschaft für Wolfram Industrie mbH

(Sintering, Processing Traunstein Germany)

  • Bayerische Metallwerke GmbH

(High-tech machining, Dachau Germany)

  • Wolfram Industrie GmbH
  • (Sales/Engineering, Winterthur Switzerland)