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Axxair SAXX-300 Orbital Power Source



Axxair SAXX-300 Orbital Power Source


The Axxair SAXX-300 Orbital Power Source TIG orbital power supplies has been designed to be user-friendly and intuitive to easily generate programs.

Intuitive touch screen interface and automatic parameter calculation mode integrated into the generator. Program classification system by welding configuration.

2 separate gas lines, free choice of inerting gas flow management.

Compatible with some closed heads of the following brands: AMI, Polysoude, ESAB, Orbitec et Orbitalum.

Many accessories available: trolley, Wire dispenser, hand torch, PPM reader, switchbox…


Technical characteristics

– Three phase main with earth
– Supply voltage : 400 V +/-15%
– Maximum current on main : 24A
– Frequency : 50/60Hz
– Wifi antenna as an option: remote control of the screen on smartphone or tablet via application
– 200 programs in 20 sectors maximum / USB stick

Manufacturer website: Axxair SAXX-300

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