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Gysarc 120 Welding Machine

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Gysarc 120 Welding Machine


The GYSARC 120 is a single phase inverter welding machine for SMAW (MMA) welding.
Manufactured using the latest IGBT inverter technology, it has excellent welding
characteristics and arc stability.


MMA Welding

Weld most coated electrodes: rutile, stainless steel, cast iron
and basic (up to Ø 3.2 mm).


Inverter Technology

  • Immediate arcing thanks to high no-load voltage.
  • Constant welding power.
  • The continuous current makes for a very soft arc start.
  • High stability welding current despite varying power supply


Welding Features

  • Hot Start : easy arc ignition.
  • Arc Force : allows adjustment of the current for various
    welding conditions and jobs.
  • Antisticking : allows easier striking of the arc and minimises the
    risk of the welding rod sticking to the material.



  • Optimised machine cooling with thermal protection.
  • Protected against overcurrent.


Ultra Portable

  • Ultra Lightweight (2.7 kg)
  • Compact – its size means it can be stored anywhere (shelf,
    workstation, etc)
  • Easy to carry using the strap as a handle or on the shoulder.

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