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Parker WLD Icon Classic Tig Torch PWP17FX-RBSSW

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Parker WLD Icon Classic Tig Torch PWP17FX-RBSSW


Parker WLD Icon Classic Tig Torch PWP17FX-RBSSW is part of a comprehensive range of North American style standard Tig torches.

Quality Wear Parts

Wear parts are manufactured to the same specifications as the original Weldcraft ensuring reliability, longevity and superior performance.
An extensive range of wear part options includes:-
• Standard and stubby collets and collet bodies
• Standard and stubby gas lens series
• Large diameter gas lens series

Handle Sets
• Traditional round handles offered with optional “snap on” or rubber
switch retaining boots
• Industry standard bulbous crouzet style switches

Torch bodies

Produced from premium grade silicon rubber for the highest possible performance levels.
• Torch bodies available in standard, flexible, long flexible and special
access options
• Flex neck coil elements developed with specific grade coppers for extended
flex life

Flexibility and Durability

A comprehensive range of single and 2 piece power cables, available “bare” or in SSW styles

Options include:-
2 Piece

Cable Terminations

A comprehensive range of termination to suit:-

Technical Data

  • Cooling method – Air-cooled
  • Rating – DC (135A), AC (95A)
  • Duty Cycle – 35%
  • Electrode size – 1.0-3.2

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