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Jasic TIG 200 Pulse PFC DC Inverter Package

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Jasic TIG 200 Pulse PFC DC Inverter Package


The Jasic TIG 200 Pulse PFC DC Inverter Package wide voltage is equipped with powerful IGBT components and a singular PCB for improved efficiency and maintenance.

This technologically advanced PFC energy saving TIG inverter welder is extremely user-friendly and offers reliable and consistent arc performance. The TIG 200 with high frequency starting also offers MMA (Stick) welding functionality making it an ideal choice for maintenance or manufacturing.

Inverter Features

  • ​Digital control panel with parameter autosaving

  • PFC Energy Saving pulse TIG inverter welder

  • Wide Voltage Input – Auto Select 95V-270V

  • Single PCB construction, easy for testing and maintenance

  • IGBT Pulse TIG/MMA welding inverter technology

  • High frequency inverter, high-efficiency

  • Anti-Stick, Arc-Force, Hot Start 2T/4T

  • Down slope and post flow

  • Easy start, stable and reliable welding arc

  • Inverter protection function

  • Auto compensation for voltage fluctuation

  • Compact size, lightweight and modern TIG welder

  • High quality tactile rubber finish to mouldings and handle

  • TIG welding Inverter supplied in full colour packaging

Technical Features

Jasic TIG 200 Pulse Data

Inverter package includes:-

TIG inverter welder, TIG welding torch & adaptor, Gas regulator, Earth return lead.

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