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Arc Machines Model 227 portable pipe welding power supply

Arc Machines Model 227 portable pipe welding power supply



The Model 227 is a 100/225 A pre-programmed / programmable, inverter-type, GTAW welding power supply and controller designed for (but not limited to) automatic orbital welding applications that require the addition of filler material.

Welds produced by this machine, together with Arc Machines’ weld heads, meet or exceed the specifications required by industries as diverse as: food, dairy, brewery, pharmaceutical, power generation, petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper, nuclear, shipbuilding, etc. Its small size and rugged casing makes it useful in field applications where portability is required. High-integrity, code-quality welds are easily reproduced at the touch
of a button.


  • Internal memory for up to 100 multi-level, multi-function weld schedules
  • 8 multi-level functions for total process control
  • Programmable, continuous or pulsed current, rotation, wire feed, oscillation and AVC, 100 levels per pass
  • Dust/moisture-proof soft-touch membrane switches
  • Standard software prompts in multiple languages
  • Built-in, high speed printer
  • Off-line programming option available (PC Compatible)
  • Key-switch to limit operator access
  • Standard remote operator’s pendant
  • Optional water cooling unit
  • Optional external memory module

Compatible AMI weld heads:
Fusion weld heads without filler wire – Model 96, Model 6, Model 8 series, Model 9 series
Pipe weld heads with filler wire – Model 81, and Model 15
Open-frame weld heads with or without
filler wire –
Model 79 series, and Model 95 series

Price subject to specification and application